Aircraft Quality Hardened and Ground Gears, Shafts & GEAR BOX Assemblies

As the largest privately held North American Gear & Shaft supplier to the Aerospace & Defense Markets, Precision Arrow Gear Group (PAGG) offers the combined strength of Precision Gear Incorporated (PGI) and Arrow Gear Company (AGC) with 160 years of combined manufacturing expertise. PAGG is your one-stop supplier for your flight safety critical gear & shaft products. Having two locations specializing in heat treat, plating, gun drilling, balancing and other special processes all NADCAP approved, PAGG can provide the most competitive lead-time in the industry.

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Precision Gear Industries

Precision Gear specializes in the manufacturing of Aircraft Quality Hardened and Ground Gears, Shafts & Assemblies including Flight Safety Critical Parts.

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Arrow Gear

Arrow Gear's products include bevel, spur, and helical gears. We specialize in curvic couplings and complete gear drives & Gear Box Assemblies.

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